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Ceramic Heat Lamp


Ceramic electric heating tube is made of good ceramic as the base body and high quality electric heating wire. 

Product Details

Ceramic electric heating tube is made of good ceramic as the base body and high quality electric heating wire. It has high electrothermal conversion efficiency, fast heating, low thermal inertia, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, good thermochemical performance and long service life. Long, high insulation strength, no pollution, compared with other electric heating elements can save about 30%.

1. Has good thermal efficiency and uniform heating;

2. High temperature and corrosion resistance;

3. Has good safety performance;

4. long lasting.

5. The product is suitable for heating various electric boilers.


1. Substrate: composed of ceramic material with good thermal shock resistance;

2. Heatability: fired from high quality nickel-chromium alloy wire;


1. Radiation characteristics: The highest single-element radiance of the component is 0.9, and the normal radiance is greater than 0.83.

2. Thermal response time: The temperature from the room temperature to the surface temperature of the radiant panel is not more than 20 minutes.

3. Resistance to cold and heat alternation: no peeling or cracking after five hot and cold alternating tests.

4. Radiation surface temperature unevenness: ≤15%

5. Power error: ≤ 5% at rated working voltage

6. Cold insulation resistance: 500V megohmmeter > 2mΩ

7. Thermal insulation resistance: 500V megohmmeter > 0.5mΩ


Electric boilers, paint drying, tobacco industry, textile industry, plastics industry, printing industry, agriculture, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, rubber industry, bone rubber industry, paper and carton industry, wood and wood manufacturing industry, ceramics and enamel, etc. It requires a non-dyed environment and contains corrosive heating such as acid and alkali.

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