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What are the differences between halogen bulbs and infrared quartz lamps?

Aug. 05, 2020

A car Halogen Lamp is the standard configuration of the car's lighting exhibition, but many car fans or car owners confuse its bulb with the bulbs of other lighting exhibitions. I don't know what advantages it has compared with other bulbs. Let me introduce it today. Car owners can have a basic understanding of the difference between halogen bulbs and infrared quartz lamps.

Infrared heating lamps are mainly used for industrial heating or drying, such as glass products, metal parts, circuit board packaging, films, etc., as well as other drying, drying, and heating. Its advantages are clean, no accessories, easy installation, and temperature controllable Wait. Quartz near-infrared and far-infrared lamps use transparent or semi-transparent quartz glass as the tube shell to produce near-infrared or far-infrared radiation spectrum. Double-tube near-infrared lamps can be used on Heidelberg printers.

The biggest difference between a halogen bulb and an incandescent lamp is that the glass shell of the halogen lamp is filled with some halogen gas (usually iodine or bromine). Its working principle is: when the filament heats up, the tungsten atoms are evaporated and turned back to the glass. The direction of the tube wall moves. When it approaches the glass tube wall, the tungsten vapor is cooled to about 800°C and combines with halogen atoms to form tungsten halide (tungsten iodide or tungsten bromide). The tungsten halide continues to move to the center of the glass tube, and then returns to the oxidized filament. Because tungsten halide is a very unstable compound, it will decompose into halogen vapor and tungsten again when heated, so that tungsten is in the filament again. Deposited on top to make up for the evaporated part. Through this regeneration cycle process, the service life of the filament is not only greatly prolonged (almost 4 times that of incandescent lamps), but also because the filament can work at a higher temperature, higher brightness, higher color temperature and Higher luminous efficiency.

Since halogen bulbs need to work at a higher temperature, ordinary glass shells will melt and flow at this temperature, so fused quartz glass is used in halogen bulbs instead of ordinary glass. Because ordinary glass can cut off ultraviolet light, quartz Glass cannot, so halogen bulbs emit invisible light in the ultraviolet range. The two sides of things are fully reflected here: on the one hand, we need to add protective measures to the bulb to reduce ultraviolet radiation. On the other hand, we also use ultraviolet lamps to treat some skin diseases or get exposed to the sun indoors. Bronze skin that can only be obtained.

Car owners not only know the working principle of car halogen lamps, but also understand the difference between halogen bulbs and infrared quartz lamps, but car owners must understand that the service life and efficiency of car halogen lamps are greatly compared with infrared quartz lamps. increased. This is an important reason why halogen lamps are used as automotive lighting lamps.