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Infrared heating Technology-Spring For The Coating Industry

Jun. 20, 2020

The coating industry's requirements for surface curing and drying in terms of speed and quality are constantly increasing, so the coating drying process becomes very critical.

Infrared heating is directly heated for heating objects and has the characteristics of controllability, precision, high efficiency, hygiene and environmental protection, so it is highly respected in the surface treatment industry, and is widely used in automotive baking paint, textile printing, wood, paper making, food and packaging, medical, Plastics, glass, electronics and other industries. Such as, Carbon Infrared EmittersInfrared Heater China etc.

Infrared heating is a type of radiant heating. The infrared light emitted by the infrared radiator (light source) is absorbed by the material in the form of molecular (atomic) resonance, thereby achieving the purpose of heating the object. Infrared heating method directs and directly heats the surface of the object and a certain depth with a matching wavelength and selective penetration ability, which is a very efficient method of heating, drying and curing.

The traditionally used hot blast stove transfers heat through the air medium. Due to the application of convection heating, the air itself must first be heated, so the speed of heating by hot air is very slow. Infrared is to use the heated object to absorb infrared electromagnetic radiation to achieve the purpose of heating. It is a non-contact heating method, thereby avoiding any medium in the heating process and avoiding the loss of energy. Therefore, compared with the traditional hot blast stove, infrared heating effectively shortens the heating time.

In order to control the temperature of the hot blast stove, the temperature of the entire air in the stove must be changed. Each time the product is changed, a hot blast stove can only slowly and difficultly achieve the required temperature curve or different baking temperature again, because the hot blast stove takes time to adjust to a new temperature. The infrared system does not need to contact the medium, but transfers heat through infrared electromagnetic waves, so it can be efficiently adjusted to the required temperature, and the overheating of the heated material is flexibly avoided. Infrared heating technology also makes it possible to quickly replace different baking temperatures and different types of paint.

Special Sharp Carbon Heat Lamp

Special Sharp Carbon Heat Lamp

The heat conduction of the traditional hot air heating is gradually transferred from the heated object to the inside, so the temperature distribution inside the heated object is uneven. Infrared has the penetrating ability, which can heat the heated object and the coating at the same time, so the temperature between the heated object and the surface layer is relatively uniform, so as to avoid surface peeling or blisters, the surface after drying is smooth and beautiful, Increasing the quality of the surface coating.

In addition, because infrared radiation can only be heated in a localized area, the coating can be directly heated, while reducing the heating of objects that do not need to be heated, such as furnace air, furnace wall and furnace periphery, etc., saving energy, so greatly Reduced costs while making the working environment more comfortable.

Due to the rapid heat transfer and high efficiency of infrared, in most cases, the length of the hot blast stove can be greatly shortened, space is saved, and the installation is relatively easy.